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bass'd in Sydney

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A. Dro Carey - N.R. (Merky Ace Vocal)
B1. Dro Carey - N.R.
B2. Dro Carey - N.R. (J Sweet Remix)



yes! forthcoming on Kendrick Lamar’s album


Sub Bass MixScape #09 - Subfect

Episode 9 has been mixed for us by Sydney based dubstep DJ and producer Subfect.

This mix explores the realms of the deeper side of dubstep, more recently being referred to as the ‘dungeon’ sound.

Subfect did this mix live all on vinyl. Which certainly says something about the statue of this mix and the artist behind it.

Tracklist will not be going up, however be sure to hit us up or Subfect for any of those hidden gems. 

Interview with Subfect:

SBS: How long have you been producing for?

Subfect: 2 years. Am only just starting to get to a point now where I’m ready to do something a bit more serious with it.

SBS: Where do you feel Sydney’s dubstep scene is headed?

Subfect: Sydney dubstep scene unfortunately is dying. Everyone’s kind of got their kick out of dubstep, whether you came in via the brostep crowd, one of the vets or just getting into it now, the general love of the genre from a couple of years ago is pretty much gone - at least from those that actually give a shit. Any popularity with it now is mostly the cheesed out pop variation. Every pop tune has a dubstep breakdown in it - which makes sense, as dubstep has a half-time beat so it works, but it’s really washing out the value the genre has - which exists between the sounds that exist, not the sounds themselves.

Thankfully - there are still some die-hard fans out there that really love the dungeon sound of the past 1-2 years, thanks namely to Toast & Youngsta for pushing that particular direction. Everytime dungeon has been played at Snare it has really received a very warm response. I played there a few months back, and one particularly memorable moment was droping Nanobyte’s Ominous into Kryptic Minds - Six Degrees. Such a classic tune yet still gets a huge response every time. The new stuff coming forward is a bit more left-field, lots of breakstep/jungle 140, and also quite a bit of techno-infused influence. The likes of Perverse, Kryptic Minds & Biome are really pushing this new kind of direction. Then you have the local crew - Boot, Commit, Dubfonik.etc. that are doing their own teched-out love. Boot’s Colder Now EP really is one to watch out for, which blends his usually techy flavours with a bit more of a dungeon aftertaste. Quality stuff.

SBS: Can you tell us a bit about Snare and when its on in Sydney?

Subfect: Snare is on the first Saturday of every month and features the best local talent we have in Sydney, putting on display anything from garage, future garage, dubstep, even some grime and everything in between. Have even heard the odd techno tune down at Phoenix bar, which is always a nice surprise. It’s amazing actually just how many people we have locally who can not only mix but also produce their own material - making Snare one of the best local spots for fresh sounds. Of course, we also have our own display of more classical sounds as well - as Kieran Helmore graciously demonstrated last month (and was very well received by the crowd).

SBS: Whats lined up for the Snare for the end of 2012?

Snare is and always will be a regular night to showcase the local talent. This month we have Comatose (a new duo focused on the minimal/dungeon sound), Juzlo doing a future garage set, Garage Pressure (one of our best local duos), Zwelli, Tee Freqs, and of course the one and only Boot.

Additionally, there’s a few of us bringing out DJ Madd on November 24th, with more details to come. Suffice to say, it’s going to be one hell of a night, especially if you consider what happened at Youngsta & Toast’s debut here in Sydney a few months back.

SBS: Anything last words man?

Subfect: Lastly, just want to give a big shout out to my partners in crime - Skiver, Paul Fraser & Victim who all come together to put on Snare - and also a big thanks to Sub Bass Soundscapes for constantly pushing some of the lesser known sounds of this awesome genre.


Here’s a bootleg Synkro did of Daughter’s track ‘Love’

enjoy :)  


Download Link -


His name alone gives some impression as to the heavy arsenal employed by 23-year-old producer South London Ordnance. Having debuted on 2nd Drop, it was his ‘Trojan/Pacific’ single for Well Rounded that hooked us with its blend of swung techno, house melodies and grimy bass. Having made all the right moves – including appearing on Rinse, playing at FWD and guesting on Mary Anne Hobbes’ show – his podcast for us draws upon contemporary UK heads, like Bobby Champs and Paleman, for unreleased material, while also tracing this lineage back to more established names such as Skudge and Psychatron. Light the fuse and stand well back.

1. Trevino - Tweakanomics (Revolv:r)
2. Boddika & Joy O - Dun Dun (Sunklo)
3. Bobby Champs - Bureau (CDR)
4. Goldffinch - Pixel Perfect (CDR)
5. Skudge - Surplus (Echocord Colour)
6. Saaeon Express - To The Third District (CDR)
7. Paleman - Halfout VIP (CDR)
8. Jon Convex - What I Need ft. Velvitt (Convex Industries)
9. Conforce - Let Your Body, Make Your Body (Jared Wilson remix) (Dolly)
10. Tom Demac - Critical Distance Pt. II (Hypercolour)
11. Psycatron & Secret Cinema - Loopwaffle (Inflyte Records)
12. South London Ordnance - Revolver (CDR)

Mixed live on 2 x CDJ1000’s w/ Serato.

house fix for y’all


Sub Bass MixScape #08

Enjoy this half hour long mini mix. One to play during the day when the crowd is relaxed and in the mood for a collection of quality slower sounds. This episode was mixed by Waz sitting around the 85 bpm mark the whole way through.


Stickman – I Dreamt Music

Kodiak – Spreo Superbus (Actress Remix)

Ta-Ku – Hearts

Bibio – Lovers Carvings ( Leatherette Remix)

Bonobo – The Keeper

Bondax – All Inside

Holy Other – Know Where

Nicolas Jaar – Wouh

Oliver Tank – Up All Night

Synkro – Knowledge

Commix – Japanese Electronics (Instra:Mental Moog Remix)

Shlohmo – Wen Uuu

Gucci Mane - My Chain (Jonwayne Basment Mix)

Session Victim in the mix for Fabric!

Lana Del Rey - Video Games (Joy Orbison Remix)


Chaos in the CBD

The excessive amounts of musical talent that has seemed to endlessly pour out of the Northern hemisphere can sometimes seem to drown out the musical efforts of the South.  However more and more these days the Southern hemisphere is repping it hard!!  One of these shining lights is Kiwi brothers Ben & Louis Helliker-Hale aka Chaos in the CBD, and in the wake of their Australian tour starting this week and with a release due out on French based label Clek Clek Boom in September what better time to show them some well deserved respect.  

This probably won’t be an eye opening write up for most of you as these guys are already making big waves, but for anyone who is being introduced to them for the first time… your welcome.  Rumour has it they will be moving taking their musical skills to the North side in the not too distant future… so if your in Sydney this Saturday make sure you get down to One22 and catch them tearing it up.

A preview of whats to come on Clek Clek Boom.

Some more freshness from their Soundcloud too, even a free download or two.

Joey Pecoraro - Sign Me [ Free DL ] 


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